About us

Value in Representation


MMG representatives manage territories from Maine to Virginia, as well as Texas, bringing high quality thermoplastic materials to the trade. Our team has experience calling on a diverse range of markets from Point of Purchase & Sign, to medical and defense. The MMG team will take your concept from design to production, assisting you with materials and manufacturing methods or processes.


MMG was founded on the premise that a multi-person sales agency can offer more value to their manufacturers through:  sales and market intelligence, a product mix valuable to our distribution partners, providing manufacturers more customer face time, optimization of sales and marketing objectives and additional educational opportunities.

Founder of MMG, Anthony Martino said, “The market will always have a need for Manufacturers’ Representatives as long as there is need for relationship selling on all ends of the supply chain”. MMG’s founding principals have been steadfast: represent and bring to market manufacturers who offer value and behavior that drive market responsibility and growth.


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